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And Now, a Word about My Team

The second week of March is Dental Assistant’s week and we’re supposed to show appreciation for the dental assistants in our lives. But seriously, this is something that I do on a daily basis. I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I’m telling you, a great office is made great by its team, not by the goofy guy with a bald head.

So allow me a few minutes to rave about my team.

Felicia has been with me for a long time and she’s been a chairside assistant for thirty years.  Felicia is so good that I can go three weeks without asking for the first tool, and she still knows exactly what is needed, before I need it. For what she does, anticipation is too mild a word. She’s my Pediatric Dental Assistant Jedi Mind Reader extraordinaire. I think she’s also employed by attorneys for jury selection. She knows everything before anything happens.

Felicia McCaskill
Felicia, my longest serving teammate

Jennifer is the queen of all 80s references, and can probably speak a whole day with lyrics from 80s hair bands and Johnny cash. Can she be the queen of two things? Then she’s also queen of situational comedy one liners that require thought. And she telepathically communicates with me as well.

Jennifer, the 80s fan

Synova probably could get a conversation out of a Benedictine monk that’s made a vow of silence. She easily converses with parents and kids while I play the stealth ninja dentist.

Synova Cooley.jpg2
Synova is always one step ahead of me

I think Kim has a twin in the office. I can’t be sure of this… but I’m sure of it. She can sterilize a room, answer the phone, walk patients back up front, and file three insurances in triplicate, all while composing a string sonata.

Kim Boykins
The always smiling Kim Boykins

Kathy can accomplish more with a broken foot in a week than most do people do in a month. This was before hoverboards, in the day of wheelie heelie skates. She stuck them on her cast and doubled the number of patients she saw.

Kathy my daredevil

Ashley is the newest member of the flock and she’s able to translate my high speed mumbling and dental jargon into a useful conversation with parents. Which comes in incredibly handy when the office is humming along at warp speed.


Sherri, Colleen, and Erin are my Hygenist clutch hitters. They keep the patients happy and distracted while also cleaning their teeth. They are my Go to Team. If I’m five minutes late, Sherri will have redistributed the patient load so that the moms and dads leave on time for both soccer practices.

Sherry Flaig
And Sherry doubles as the ice cream taste tester

When we have a computer flickering or some sort of crazy tech issue, Colleen will finish entertaining our patient using only toothpaste and a paper clip then she’ll solder a new circuit board so she can see the schedule better.

Colleen Cain
Colleen about to prepare the next room

Erin has the ability to give the most fearfully traumatized patient a thorough teeth cleaning before they realize what’s happened, then somehow she’ll manage to get herself invited to the kid’s house for dinner, all in five minutes or less.

Erin Tew
The always smiling, always calm Erin

Beth and Kema are my front office ladies and they have an incredibly important and demanding task, they me look like I know what I’m doing.

Kema Odom
Kema, the Rock Star


pediatric dentist greer, sc
Beth occasionally plays dental assistant to a few animals.

That’s them. The team that makes me look brilliant and wonderful. Seriously, y’all, running this office is a huge task and although I’m the face on the door, these are the girls that make it all work. So the next time you’re in, give your favorite Muncy team member a high five, please.

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” ~ Babe Ruth
And as always, should you or someone you know need a great pediatric dentist, just click right here.

2 Responses to “And Now, a Word about My Team”

  1. Cindy Lodge

    And THIS is why your dental office purrs along, because you have such individually gifted women, who KNOW how treasured they are,because you tell them so and even brag about them on social media. High fives to each of you, even the funny guy in the loud shirt!


  2. Ellen Batcheldor

    Great to hear a staff praised for a job well done!! Delta airlines once said You can train anybody to do anything, but you can’t make them to be nice….you staff sounds more than nice!!


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