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Bathing is Optional

Aaahhh, summertime and kids.

For a parent, it can be relaxing and wonderful and exciting. The kids don’t have to get out of bed at zero dark thirty, there’s a multitude of kid diversions in this town (a lot of them are free) and the responsibilities of school are a distant memory. There’s frogs to catch, dogs to run with, movies to watch, playgrounds to explore, and broccoli to enjoy. Okay maybe I’m exaggertaing about the broccoli.

Dr. Muncy in front of his sign

When the school year gets close to being over, you don’t need a calendar because the kids will let you know.

“Doctor Mark! Doctor Mark! Guess how many days until we don’t have to go to school?”

School Bus

Here at our office of Pediatric Dentistry, the kids are different. They’re more rambunctious, more energetic, and more bouncy. So our moms and dads, aunts and uncles want to get in here earlier, before the kids get too wound up. That’s why we close a bit earlier in the summer, no one wants to come in later in the day because it’s summer. And most of our office staff have kids at home, too, so they need the extra time with the family. And if you’ve got someone watching the kids, they’re typically more cautious so the little ones don’t always get their ya-yas out until Mom or Dad gets home. So if you get a little extra time in the evening to run around and play with the little ones, so much the better.

happy kids

Our kids are a bit older and naturally more independent, heck one or two of ours drive, and that makes summer much different. On the one hand there’s the opportunity for the kids to get out of the house without mom or dad, and on the other hand it’s “Good Gosh! What sort of trouble are those kids up to!?”

In summer, if our kids are little, we get a glimpse into their future of adulthood and (at least I do) we wonder “The way this kiddo swings around this playground, she’ll make an excellent fighter pilot or gymnast.”

Am I right?

greer pediatric dentist

During summer, the little ones tend to have less responsibility at home, too and there’s plenty of moms and dads that tell us “the only thing on today’s to do list is ice cream and a visit to their favorite kid’s dentist.”

So look, a little summer time advice from your friendly, neighborhood Pediatric Dentist. Let’s make sure they brush their teeth, especially during the summer. Because even though they’ve got less on their plate (like less broccoli) they still need to practice good dental hygiene. No matter how good your dental insurance is, a cavity is going to cost you some money out of your own pocket.

Cat w brush

Maybe $100? Maybe $50

You can hold onto that money by reminding them that even though they may skip a bath or two, their teeth need attention daily. So keep up with that toothbrush, especially after that summer ice cream cone.


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