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Could You Use $200?

Of course you could. And I could use some new patients.

My patients are always growing up and once they reach 15 or 16, they tend to want to see an “adult” dentist. One without my sense of fashion, jungle gym waiting room, and reams of bad jokes. One of my friends is an adult dentist and he has one of those calm, Zen-style water fountains in his waiting room. It’s so quiet in his waiting room that the fountain is the loudest thing in there.

My fearless, hardworking crew

So where was I ?

Since my patients are constantly growing up, I’m always looking for new patients. And the best place to find customers is through my existing customers. So here’s the deal. Between now and the end of April send me some patients. When they get here, ask them to tell us who referred them. And we’ll keep track of the referrals. Then on May 2nd we’ll see who sent us the most referrals and that person will win a $200 Visa gift card. Now we’ll also ask new patients how they heard about us but it’s always best to get another reminder.

So put on your thinking caps and send us a new patient, or two, or three. Remember, the person that sends us the most new patients between Monday, February 22nd through Monday, May 2nd will win. On Tuesday the 3rd of May we’ll announce the winner and probably start another contest.

And as always, feel free to share this blog post with your friends or family that may be looking for a Pediatric Dentist.

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