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I Love My Job

I love my job.

Our alarm clock buzzes at six am. Which is just before the sun comes up. I’m just not the kind of guy that hangs out in bed and lets the day come to him. I’m the guy that gets moving rather quickly. So I’m up and moving and headed to the shower, where I usually trip over or have to jump over one of our dogs.

Now I’ve got to cajole the dogs and insist they go outside. Where’s the kids when you need them?

I pour myself a cup of coffee and plan the day in my head. Which takes a lot of doing. And a second cup of coffee. Then breakfast with Mrs. Muncy then a hello and a goodbye to the kids as they bolt out of the house and off to high school.

Drive into the office, and I’m still planning my day and also thinking how much I hate the standardized testing the kids get at school. One size does not fit all. Am I right?

As I’m driving, I’m sipping on my third cup of coffee and wondering what happened to my intention of cutting back on caffeine.

Busy day today. There’s lots of two to four year-olds running around. And some of these kids are having their first dental appointment. And most of them are more excited about the fish pond than seeing me. And that’s fine with me.

And it’s busy. Then lunch. And in between bites of my sandwich I catch a new review on the book of Faces. I spent a good while rebuilding the molar of a seven year-old and it’s always stressful and it’s critical I do a great job. I HAVE to do a great job. And the Mom leaves me a review that basically says “great job.”

And I love my job.

After lunch I see a two year-old that enjoyed one too many cups of milk at night, without brushing afterwards. I see that a lot. Mom or Dad puts the kid to bed with a sippy cup of milk or juice and the sugar has all night to work its magic on those little teeth. Later this month I’ll spend all day in the O.R. rebuilding teeth on maybe ten or twelve little kids just like this one. Too bad kids don’t come with an owner’s manual. And the best part, the parents are upset with ME.

Man, this is a tough job.

Then a five year-old comes in with a broken tooth, one of the back ones. Tooth has to come out, and that’s okay. It would’ve come out soon anyway. Ten minutes later I’m done. The kid says “Done? Already? Promise?”


“Pinky promise, dude.”

I get a big high five.

Man I love this job.

And then there’s a text message from Mrs. Muncy. Is it five o’clock already?

“on your way home plz pick up light bulbs, colored highlighters for that project, paper towels, and at least six bags of mulch.”

I can’t wait to start my second job…

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  1. Mary Anise

    I love you, Mark Muncy!!! Great post


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