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It’s a Giraffe!


Congratulations Dr. Muncy, it’s a Giraffe.

Well that’s what it feels like anyway. Our office now sponsors the Greenville Zoo Foundation’s Giraffe Cam and I know most of you, my present patients and Facebook friends, are saying, “Well of course!” And that’s probably because you saw me wearing that Giraffe snuggy that my Mom sent me. In case you didn’t, here we go:


Muncy giraffe

Someone must have seen me in this giraffe outfit and said “Have I got a deal for you.”

Well that’s not actually how it happened. First of all, I like getting out there in the community and doing fun stuff. That’s not news, though. And the giraffes at the Zoo are definitely fun. There’s two of them, Autumn the mom and Tatu her baby. The daddy, Walter, has moved away to Texas. Did you know that most zoos don’t own their animals? They’re rented out through arrangements with other zoos so that the zoos can successfully breed and manage the animals. Anyway, back to the giraffes. Giraffes have these crazy long tongues that can twist around tree branches and pull down leaves and they have 32 teeth, just like most of us. And check this out, the Zoo is going to build a feeding platform so people can feed the giraffes at eye level. How cool will that be?

When we found out the giraffes needed a sponsor it sounded like a great match for us. And the best part is we’re going to have a dozen backstage family passes to give away, one a month. So y’all stay tuned on how we’re going to dispense these but it’ll definitely be something we give away at the office.  I’m not sure why we didn’t do this earlier considering all these animals we’ve got all over the office, and remember, I’ve got a Giraffe costume.


Autumn the Giraffe


And we’re installing some new TVs in the office (I know, that’s what we need, more TV!) but these are different. We’ll show the giraffe cam on these. Sadly we can’t get the giraffes over here for a visit. That would be awesome for us, not so much for the Giraffes.

I’d like to say that I thought of all this but I can’t. Many thanks to John Malik of Jack Russell Social Media for doing this. So if you’re looking for a clever advertising or branding opportunity then he’s your guy.

So what do y’all think?

Autumn and Tatu

You take a look at the Giraffe Cam, just click here:

And of course if you or your friends are looking for a Pediatric Dentist that loves animals, especially giraffes, just click here please.

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