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It’s The USS Sugar Swatter


What is it? It’s the government’s latest weapon in the war against dental disease.  It’s your tax dollars at work, courtesy a group of DC-based educators, illustrators, physicians, researchers, and probably a weatherman, a congress person, and maybe a taxi driver.

Sugar Wars

They sat around a conference room and thought about all the cavities their kids had and decided that a space ship, one that resemble the Jetson’s car, was the way to go.

Seriously people, talk about giving away your age and your childhood. Could they not have come up with something more uninspiring? The folks that dreamed up the Sugar Swatter obviously spent all kinds of time watching the Jetsons because that spaceship thing looks awfully familiar.

The Jetsons
Astro gets to ride in the back

I remember watching the Jetsons and being told that this is how we would get around when I grew up.  Back then we all fantasized about flying around in cars that would one day be just the Jetson mobile, so back then the car designers put wings on cars to make all of us feel like budding fighter pilots.

1960 Impala

Judging by today’s cars, we’ve pretty much given up on the idea of making them look like jets and we’re going to stick with the whole side-of-a-barn-idea instead.

If anyone can spare me 75 grand, I swear I’ll pay you back.

But I digress.

See, where I’m going is February is National Children’s Dental Health month and please hold onto your hats because I’m not in favor of this. Can you forgive me? Allow me to explain.

Man or woman, boy or girl, young or old, black or white, it doesn’t matter…our dental health isn’t something we should leave to a poster, an arbitrary month, a certain time of the year or a government office with a very unoriginal poster and flying Jetson car. It’s something we should practice daily, something we just do. And if I were a little kid (some say I still am) and I saw this, I think it would leave me awfully confused. Everywhere we go our kids are offered something sweet yet one month a year the feds are going to tell our kids that sugar is bad?  And this celebration isn’t new. We dentists have been told this for years that we should remind everyone we know that February is the the month to hate sugar. Um, hold on now, didn’t we just give every wife, girlfriend, fiance, and sweetheart a box of chocolates? I think we did, and it was last week.


Here’s a news flash for everyone. Sugar isn’t bad. Excessive amounts of sugar are definitely bad but if we enjoy a balanced diet, eat lots of fresh vegetables, take care of our teeth, get moderate amounts of exercise, drink lots of water instead of soda,and occasionally enjoy something sweet, life is good and your visit to Dr. Muncy will probably be just fine. Can I make a confession? I love cinnamon pop tarts. Now I don’t eat them every day, just once in a while. But when I’ve had my pop tart, I brush my teeth then usually enjoy an apple on the way to work.

So here’s the (tax-dollar free) lesson for February 2016:

  • Our cars don’t fly
  • Our cars resemble barn doors
  • Proper dental health is a year-round commitment and should be practiced daily

And remember, when you find yourself or a friend in need of a Pediatric Dentist, one that occasionally enjoys a Cinnamon Pop Tart, just give us a call. Or just stop in during normal business hours. We’re always happy to provide a free consultation.

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