Only the Ones You want To Keep

I don’t have any. Mommy didn’t get me any. It’s too hard and it takes too long. I forget. I used it all up when I tied up the cat….

Peanut Butter & Ramen Noodles

Several times a year I have a kid following me around the office. It’s usually a senior in high school that wants to get a taste of dentistry. Sometimes they’re…

Our Pediatric Dentist Waiting Room

Want to see a kid’s eye view of our waiting room and the Jungle Gym? Of course you do.   Dr. Mark Muncy has been the Upstate’s favorite Pediatric Dentist…

Let’s Brush Those Teeth

When my kids were little, they loved brushing their teeth. As soon as they were done with dinner, they’d race one another into the bathroom screaming “I’m gonna brush my…

Jingle Bell Time!

And now your favorite Christmas choir sings Jingle Bell Rock!