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Ever notice how as we get older, time seems to move quicker? I  know it actually doesn’t because sixty seconds is still a minute and sixty minutes is still an hour. And yet, time seems to move quicker for those of us past the age of…39.

Why is that? I’ve asked an expert on time and travel but he claims that he can’t handle any more questions. Something about the dilithium crystals can’t handle  any more pressure.


So I’ll just have to wait until an expert explains this one and in the meantime, let me give thanks for another great year. As those of you that are regular visitors to the office know, this place can get hectic and thankfully I’ve got a great staff. No one patient is the same and they all have different needs, insurance, appointment times, etc. When I started this we took appointments basically with one method, a phone call. Ha! How times have changed. Now we get texts, Facebook messages, emails, etc…and all that incoming data has to get to the right person, or persons. So thank you very much to my dedicated staff of ladies. They make me (a funny looking bald guy) look better every day.


Thank you to my Moms, Dads, Aunts, and Uncles, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and everyone in between that drives my patients to the office. Because most of my patients are way too young to drive, much less pay for their appointment. ;) I’m grateful for those that have trusted the dental hygiene of their little ones to me. And of course I’m grateful for the smiles of all those little guys and gals that come through our office. And I’m really thankful for the little ones that make memes for me to share. That’s waaaay cool.

brush your teeth

And I’m eternally grateful to the Good Lord that’s blessed me with a family full of smiling faces.

Muncy Family 2015.PNG

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember, if you or someone you know is looking for a great Pediatric Dentist, one that still remembers what it’s like to be a big grown up kid on Thanksgiving, call or email us, or drop us a note on our Facebook page. We’re always grateful to provide a free consultation or an appointment a new patient.

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