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I’m thankful for my family. Even the ones that tease me about my hair.
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I’m thankful for my loving wife who tolerates and often encourages my child-like behavior.

I’m thankful for the roof over our heads, without which we’d be very cold.

I’m thankful for the people that got me through college and dental school and the standards of discipline that my folks instilled, and constantly preached to me. Those standards turned into study habits.

I’m thankful for the ladies that work with me. They do most of the work, and get the least amount of attention. They’re gold, every one of them.

I’m thankful for all my patients, my patient’s parents, aunts, uncles, or whomever gets them to their appointments then puts up with my hyperactiveness and Pediatric Dentist act.

I’m especially thankful for those of you that know I’m not acting, that’s all me.
Muncy giraffe

I’m grateful for the love of our Savior who steered me in the right direction, time after time after time.

And I’m incredibly thankful for finding the right career so many years ago. One that makes me a hero in the eyes of kids that used to be scared to death of going to the dentist.


How about you? What are you thankful for?

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