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The Back to School Blues

It’s about to get quiet.

Just like at your house when school starts, the same thing happens over here. Our weekday mornings will be rather quiet for the first few weeks of school.  The ladies that work with me are looking forward to it and I can’t blame them.  In June, July, and early August our office is just crazy busy.  The chairs are constantly full, our lunch hour is more like 30 minutes, and we’re moving fast from 8:30 until 5:00 pm.  Every day we’re going at full tilt and we’re booked up for weeks in advance. And then when school starts back, it all grinds to a halt.

And I miss it.

I enjoy having a busy office because there’s nothing like the sound of lots of happy kids. And when the office is busy, it keeps me going and motivated. And even when we’re super busy, I try to keep everyone on time. And that’s rare for any sort of medical office, especially a busy pediatric dentist’s office.  If you have an appointment, we should do everything to honor your time because we’re not the only ones with busy schedules. I hate running behind and I also know that you do, too.

Then school starts and we’ll all get a short reprieve. A chance to catch our breath and take a real lunch break.  After a couple days of that I’ll be wishing it was busy again. I’ll miss the frenetic pace, the interaction of seeing so many faces on a busy day, the joy of all those little voices running up and down the hallways, the smiles, the waves, all of the “Hey Doctor Monkey!”

School Bus
Send them back to school with a check up from their favorite pediatric dentist in Greenville or Greer, SC.


I know a lot of my parents think I drink espresso all day long, but I really don’t. It’s just me.  I’m just a bit hyperactive and I’ve learned how to channel that through the perfect business for me.

Are you looking for a Pediatric Dentist for your kids? We like to see them for their first appointment when they’re about a year old and as they get older, they can remain with us as patients until they’re too mature for all of my rambunctiousness.  I know, we’ve seen it before. Kids grow up and pretty soon they’re thinking about college and sports and work and they don’t want to hang out with a bald guy that love bad jokes and loud Hawaiian shirts.  That’s OK because in a few weeks things will have picked back up and we’ll be busy again and before you know it the office will be full of happy little voices.


In the meantime, let’s thank the Good Lord for the blessing of children.

Do you need an appointment? We have lots of openings for the first week of school.  Just click here and give us a call.




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