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The Elf on a Dentist’s Shelf


It’s hard not to get a kick out of the Elf on the Shelf. It’s that whole parent & child thing of creating a world where one day you’re teaching them not to stick their fingers in the electrical socket, or not to tug on the kitty’s tail, and to brush their teeth after eating. And then five minutes later we’re wrapped up in some magical elf that visits for a few weeks in December and spends that time rummaging through your house and eating your chocolate. Wasn’t that whole elf thing meant as Santa’s messenger or spy? Someone to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they were on the nice, and not naughty, list? Well we never followed that mantra. In our house the elf was always a good-natured visitor from the north. A mischievous guy that came for a visit, kicked off his pointy shoes, sabotaged the occasional set of school clothes, drank a soda pop, and ate our chocolate. How much fun would life be if we had something like Elf year-round? A mischievous, good-natured visitor that dropped in with the seasons and hung around for a few weeks rearranging our toothbrushes or playing with the dental floss.

elf on a shelf collage

Our family has been through a really rotten Christmas or two but we’ve persevered. We’ve come out on the other side and found love and life and all the goodness that Christmas is supposed to bring. And even though our kids are a bit older now, we still love that goofy Elf guy. We love all the glitter and fake snow and wrapping paper and silliness that Christmas brings.

We also celebrate the spirituality of Christmas. The remembrance of our Savior’s birth; a child born in a dusty, faraway land. A land occupied by a foreign army; a people enslaved, and many without hope. And their hope came not in the form of a mighty military ruler, but rather the son of a carpenter who brought a message of love, salvation, forgiveness, and grace.  A message that still resonates today. Because who amongst us couldn’t use more grace? More forgiveness? More love?


So as Christmas day nears, all of us at the office and all of us at the Muncy home wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. One filled with love and fake snow, a goofy Elf on the shelf and God’s grace.

We hope the new year brings you peace and prosperity, love and grace, love and forgiveness.

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