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Trick or Treat

The season of sugar is upon us. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, every door you open. It’s in bowls at the bank, your favorite bistro, the desk at your car dealer or where you may pick up your cup of afternoon coffee. The kids return to school, the sun starts to set a little earlier, the leaves start to turn and the candy starts to fall from everywhere.

How come we never treat fresh apples with as much fanfare?

How much gets eaten during the season of Halloween? Better sit down first. 600 million pounds of it between now and Halloween. 600 million pounds of candy will be eaten in the US between now and Halloween. That’s a lot of candy corn!

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old Pediatric Dentist, when I was a kid Halloween didn’t last an entire month. And we weren’t inundated with all that candy corn until the week of Halloween. Hey I’m all in favor of trick or treat because it’s fun taking a pillow case and walking around your neighborhood, knocking on everyone’s door then being rewarded with a fun size snicker’s bar just for that. Too bad we don’t walk around our neighborhoods and knock on doors on a regular basis, you know, just to say hi.

Hey but if you’re seven years old, what could be better than to knock on your neighbor’s door and get a something bizarre and sweet and yummy, something new and sweet that you haven’t seen before?

I always wanted to dress up like Marcus Welby

That’s cool, right?

What do you mean you never thought of using a pillowcase? See the first year I went out trick or treating, some big kid dropped a few ice cubes in my paper bag then followed me around until my paper bag got waterlogged and all the candy started falling out of it. I didn’t realize it until it was almost all gone. Anyway, I got him back. I’m now a dentist and he’s a tooth and mouth model for all those textbooks on the consequences of poor dental hygiene. And hey, that kind of job doesn’t pay well at all!

Hey I’m trying to be a spoil sport. But I am your kid’s dentist right? And I don’t want any of my little patients to aspire to a life of modeling for textbooks on dental hygiene, OK? So here’s what you need to do for the next few weeks. It’s fine to say “no.” As in “No we’re not going to buy any circus peanuts today because it’s not Halloween for five more weeks.” Or you could tell the kiddos “You can buy all the candy corn you can afford just as soon as your Uber picks you up.” Hey that one worked pretty well on my troupe when they were younger. Because they were always broke.


However, if your kids are taking that candy, you’ve really got to step up their brushing and flossing routine because this is the time of the year we see all that candy corn stuck to the teeth of our little patients. Because that stuff is everywhere right now.

So unless your kid aspires to be the next model for “Theories of Pediatric Dentistry” I suggest between now and November 2nd or 3rd, you step up your brushing program or just say no.

And remember, if you or someone you know is looking for a great Pediatric Dentist, one that remembers how much fun it is to go trick or treating, just click here.


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