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When I was twelve, I played little league baseball and not very well. Our team went two and whatever the number of games we played in a season minus two. I struck out plenty, and I actually made two hits that season, both were singles.  And I remember spending the bulk of my summer playing Cowboy Mark in the woods near my Kentucky home. I chased birds, and frogs, and snakes and ran through the mud and the rain then earned my mother’s disgust when I brought it all into the house.  I kept a low B average in school and basically spent a lot of time being a goofy twelve year-old.

I think that’s probably how most 12 year-old boys spend their summers, too.  Just running around doing what boys do. Which makes the Northwood Little League team’s accomplishments even more impressive.

Northwood Little League team, courtesy WYFF 4


Baseball is a team sport and no position is unimportant. The pitcher may get all the credit but the catcher works just as hard. A slugger may get huge cheers but the first baseman is under enormous pressure every time a batter gets up to the plate.  And at any time one of these kids may get distracted by a frog, an airplane flying over, or the cookies that their Mom has waiting for them.  After all, this is baseball, a sport that can occasionally have three or four minutes between any sort of appreciable action.

Are we switching pitchers?  Good, I think I’ll chase this frog.

Now try getting those kids to focus so much on each other (hey, team sport, remember?) that they take that attitude all the way to a national level to face other teams of twelve year-olds that have also found that winning formula.

Seriously folks, a bunch of twelve year-olds that would normally be chasing frogs can turn into uber-focused baseball players that win on a national level. How is that possible? I know the standard answers; great coaching, winning attitude, supportive parents…and all that is super important. But I’m still flummoxed and absolutely amazed that these kids did what they did. They must be super great kids that were somehow able to set aside all those typical 12 year-old boy distractions.

Frog, anyone?


As a former 12 year-old boy, I can offer nothing but respect to the Northwood Little League Team. Well done, gentlemen.

Now, go chase a frog.

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